Recreate Your Story

“ When we believe our thoughts and stories, we stay stuck in the illusion of a limited world “

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Are you feeling stuck in the past or worried about the future?

Do you repeat the past or worry about the future over and over again, that you feel like your mind is stuck in a vicious cycle?  

Do you feel like this is who you are and that you have always been someone who “worries“ ?

Have you tried fighting or avoiding your thoughts and emotions, suppressing them and using distractions to manage your thoughts or feelings?

Whatever you resist persists. Whatever you accept and allow – changes and shifts through you.  

You see things through new eyes and a new perspective.

This Recreate Your Story Session is focused on changing your story and the way you have identified with the story.

Our perceptions create our reality, so this is about breaking through any illusions and perceptions that are causing you suffering and holding you back in life.

Using tools such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Self Enquiry, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness you can let go of the past and completely change the story you are telling yourself, to create a new and empowered you knowing that you are not your past or your story.

“ Thoughts, limiting beliefs and the past is not who you really are, once you identify with them and believe the story to be real ~ is when you are stuck in an illusion “

But this illusion is easily changed just how it was created in the first place!

In this session you will let go and recreate your story but keep all the lessons it taught you.

Stepping into a new and empowered you!

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Investment: $200.00

In a 30 minute Explore Call...

We will dive deep into any traumas & limiting beliefs that are present and create an action plan to let go of all the things that are not serving you and your higher self.

You will step into more awareness of self, peel back all the layers that are holding you back and will have clear steps in place for you to move forward to live a life of more peace, fulfilment and purpose.