Every step forward is a step in the right direction.

At times we cannot see the entire suitcase and we don’t know the “ HOW “ but you do know the “ WHY “

What inspires you and makes you happy?

This is for anyone who feels stuck or feel like they are not getting anywhere in life.

Just take one step.

Then another.

You don’t need to know the ” HOW ”

Just follow your heart and what you feel inspired to do in your life.

Book that holiday.

Do that program.

Change that job.

Do that hobby.

Start that business.

Say yes to what sets your heart on fire.

Say no to things that don’t serve you.

If you don’t know then ask for help.

Change is uncertain. It’s easier to stay safe and do nothing.

Feeling scared is normal.

Not feeling safe.

Feeling uncomfortable.

The mind will come up with stories to hold you back and keep you safe.

But disregard it.

Trust the inner pull, the inspiration of your soul.

There you will find your purpose as it all unfolds.
Just let go and trust.

What you focus on expands so choose what makes you happy.