“ Take the Journey Within to Find Out Who You Truly Are “
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Are you feeling stuck in life or in war with your own mind?

Feeling disconnected and looking for Happiness in the wrong places. Noticing repetitive patterns and thoughts about the past and stuck in anxiety about the future?

This is not about fixing yourself or developing yourself into a better person. You are already whole and perfect, You have only just forgotten!

If there is an inner pull or knowing and you are reading this, now is time to dive into all the layers that have been holding you back. This is about having the faith and courage to let go and transcend all of the things you have been believing for so long and letting go of everything you are not.  It is time to step out of doing and step into “ being “ and being the creator of your reality.

You are not your past or the thoughts you have about yourself.

These sessions will incorporate a combination of Techniques such as Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Self-enquiry and Ancient Tools. They are facilitated together to assist you in coming back to who you really are – beyond your mind, conditioning and limiting beliefs.

Everything you are is in this present moment and when you step into this space you are free from the mind, its illusions, the past and the future.

You may be thinking that this is not possible  – but all it takes is one step into the right direction for your journey to unfold full of love, purpose and excitement.  


I can help you overcome:

  • Stress / Anxiety / Depression
  • Repetitive Thoughts and Fears
  • Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs
  • Processing Emotions and Letting go of the Past
  • Understand the Mind and its patterns in which is conditioned to keep you safe
  • Changing Habits and Behaviours that are not serving you
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Inner Conflict

My intention in everything I do is to inspire you to:

  • Follow your dreams, Heart and Soul.
  • Connect to your true nature – which is beyond your imagination and what you believe yourself to be!
  • Live a life of Peace, Joy & Freedom.
  • Step into more being and living each day in the Present Moment.
In saying this, with everything I do I will be guiding you to the same truth which is your True Nature and who you really are!

Nothing else is important on the surface as you are not any of your problems that you think you may have and are so much more than anything you can imagine!

You will know that you have always been whole and complete – You have only forgotten!

What we cover in the 90 Day Breakthrough Mentorship:

Session 1:  Dive into your Story and Your Beliefs. Learn about the Mind and How it keeps you stuck in an ILLUSION.

Session 2 – 3:  Let go and change your perspective on your past. Let go of  ANGER, SADNESS, FEAR, GUILT, RESENTMENT & ANXIETY.

Session 4: Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs and change your relationship with your thoughts.

Learn tools and practices for LIFE that transcend the mind.

Learn non-identification of thoughts and stories. How to become the observer and how YOU can CHOOSE what you believe and want to CREATE in LIFE.

Session 5: Get clear on YOUR VALUES and WHAT makes YOU HAPPY.

Session 6: Get MANIFESTING and CREATE your GOALS.

What is included in the 90 Day Breakthrough Mentorship:

  • Pre-Tasking  ( Get clear on what is holding you back and what you are wanting to change)
  • 6x 1:1 mentoring sessions via zoom online (90 – 120 minutes)
  • Accountability to the Maximum
  • 2x 30 minutes Guidance Phone Call’s
  • Tasking in between each session
  • 24/7 Support via Facebook messenger and email

In a 30 minute Explore Call...

We will dive deep into any traumas & limiting beliefs that are present and create an action plan to let go of all the things that are not serving you and your higher self.

You will step into more awareness of self, peel back all the layers that are holding you back and will have clear steps in place for you to move forward to live a life of more peace, fulfilment and purpose.

Step in and discover your true nature!

This is my purpose when working with you.

I am so excited to be a part of your Journey into knowing who you really are and stepping into your True Being.